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Too Many Businesses Closing In Ely

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Too Many Businesses Closing In Ely Empty Too Many Businesses Closing In Ely

Post  Business Rescue Mon Apr 12, 2010 9:20 pm

Who's Playing Grimm Reaper.?
It's disasterous how many businesses are suffering or closing down in and around Ely.
Month after month more retailers are leaving behind bare and empty shops. Is this our fault for prefering to wander round a warm and cosy Cambridge arcade, or is it just the economic pinch finally getting hold of the independant business owner.

What about the self employed business people.? How many of those are collapsing around us, unseen and unheard as their livelyhoods are striped away with no white-washed windows to publicise their downfall. It can't all be down to big business hoovering up the local pound with loss leader discounts.

Robin Hood Time
If we don't want to witness the slow demise of an English heritage, a small by mile yet huge by world fame established Ely. Then the gloves may have to come off with self preservation in the balance and begin to cultivate the broader county for customers and business, returning a little more gold to our local retailers. "Just a thought" Wink

Seats Of Learning
There is of course for the majority, a few neat tricks of technology that can be exploited here. Evolution is an unstoppable creature and to ignore it is just plain folly. Yet when needs must, as they say, onwards and upwards is the only recourse.
So is it time for you all to take a page from the book of your local community website and get online in a slightly more agressive manner than just throwing a bottle in the ocean and just praying somebody finds your valuable message or service.

We can win out in the end, if we grow a little each day, step by step we'll evolve in business yet keep our traditional values and culture alive.
The world of commerce is still turning, money is still changing hands, we just need to make it more available here in Ely to go round.
Isn't it time for your small business to embrace 2010 and play with big business boxing gloves. You know it really doesn't take much to add a few shillings into the palm of the hand you punch with. You just need to educate yourself on the new Queensbury rules study

How To Survive The Fight
Here is an offering from one local to another... Where personal takes on big brother and wins, where quality beats quantity and Goliath falls stunned at the feet of wee David. Where never again will our great Cathederal be used as nothing more than a stable in a burned out and desolate has been city. Now is the time to rise and succeed, to dominate in your marketplace and come home a hero...
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Business Rescue

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Too Many Businesses Closing In Ely Empty Closing businesses

Post  Admin Mon Apr 26, 2010 11:36 am

The main problem is that the rent and rates are really high in Ely. This can be seen by the large number of empty premises now available. We need to get more variety back in the city. We have lots of places to eat/drink and charity shops we need something new..


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